The Northern Grapevine

What's Happening at the Winery?

Even though our tasting room is closed for the winter, there is plenty going on around here!

Oak barrels are racked and stacked in our winery.

Outside we continue to clear a hedge rows and harvest wood for heating fuel. During weeks like this one, Gerry hops on the tractor to plow out after almost daily snow storms. The big news is this week, the beginning of our 2017 season, we started pruning! One acre of marquette in our vineyard is done.

Inside, we're constantly checking temperatures in the winery. Cold stabilization occurs in the production room. Oak barrels are racked, stacked and regularly checked and topped off with wine. We're excited about a new wine we are adding to our lineup – Frontenac. Of course, we taste test along the way – that's the best part - and it's coming along nicely.

Gerry gladly talks to anyone who calls and stops by to talk about growing northern, cold climate grapes in our Upper Hudson Valley region. He's generous with our "˜trade secrets' and is always willing to help out a new grower. You can find him at some winter events or make an appointment to stop by and talk.

In the final planning stage is the addition of a covered crush pad that will accommodate a new larger press and larger fermentation tanks. Also, we're planning on hiring more seasonal help in the vineyard this year.

Besides the mundane tasks - getting tax documents ready, checking emails, keeping up on paperwork and correspondence – there are the phone calls from prospective customers that keep us happily anticipating Spring and the reopening of our tasting room.

We are booking group reservations for the seasons to come"¦it's never too soon to plan ahead. Give us a call (518-461-7132) if you would like more information about hosting an event at our winery in 2017 and beyond.