The Northern Grapevine

Our Marquett Reserve

Bottles of our 2014 Independence marquette reserve.

Marquette is our signature red grape, and we are happy to announce the release of the much anticipated 2014 marquette reserve - Independence!

We are selling our 2014 vintage wines in our tasting room now. As of this date, we have a limited supply left of our Lafayette maréchal foch, Fieldstone lacrosse and Revolution marquette. The good news is that we are releasing our Independence marquette reserve.

Independence is a limited production, dry red wine that we craft using our hand-harvested grapes from our most mature marquette vines. Independence is aged in French oak to produce a well-balanced wine with a complex flavor profile of subtle earthiness with the fruitiness and spice characteristics of marquette grapes.

Our first version of Independence, the 2013 vintage, won a double gold and best red wine of the 2015 Hudson Valley Wine & Spirits Competition.

We sell our marquette reserve for $25 per bottle, and it doesn't sit on our tasting room shelf for very long. Only 45 cases of Independence to go around.