2019 Annalise

2019 Annalise front label

Tasting Notes

Annalise is dry rosé wine with notes of melon and tropical fruit on the nose and hints of cherry on the palate.

Winemaker's Notes

Annalise is rosé style wine made by blending Frontenac wine with La Crescent wine, both made with grapes from our vineyard. Frontenac contributes intense color and body while the La Crescent adds fresh acidity and aromatics. The result is a delightfully crisp, fruity wine with richer color and flavor than many rosé wines. Annalise is a lovely, refreshing wine to pair with our local cheeses, and it pairs beautifully with roasted turkey, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes.

A Touch of History

Annalise is our first rosé and third wine in our Strong Women series of wines. The name, Annelise, honors all the undocumented women of the region, who stayed at home to manage the farm and home while their men went off to fight and defeat the invading British armies at Saratoga. We commend the courage and pluck of many strong women who played a pivotal role in foiling the plans of General Burgoyne to divide New England from the rest of the colonies and thereby end the revolution.

Chill, pop the cork, relax, sip and savor - Annalise - the perfect summer wine.